The Canadian Biblical Counseling Coalition & True North Soul Care are partnering together to provide an in-person live stream event at West London Alliance Church for those in London, ON and the surrounding area.

  • Gather locally and minimize travel
  • Build relationships and develop a support network
  • Worship in community
  • Learn and train together

General Information

DATE: Tuesday (Mar 22) – Wednesday (Mar 23)

TIME: Tues 9am-5:30pm & Wed 8am-12:30pm

LOCATION: West London Alliance Church, 750 Wonderland Rd N, London, ON

COST: $35 per ticket  (NOTE: $15 from every ticket will go towards a donation to the Canadian Biblical Counseling Coalition.)

Let’s Talk Emotions

We want to welcome you to join in our conversation on Emotions, knowing we exist in a time of many heightened emotions.

  • How do we process and talk about emotions?

We are no longer alone in the conversation of Biblical Counselling in Canada as there is much interest in caring for one another from God’s Word.

Our conference will take a more simple approach. You will notice all of our speakers are local Canadians who have a heart for Biblical Care.

  • We trust you will grow and be encouraged as you hear from them.
  • Our refreshments will be simple yet delicious, still having plenty of time to meet others.
  • Meals will be off site so we encourage you to invite someone new for a gospel conversation.

There will still be a lot that has not changed. You will still register online and pay $30 for the London in-person gathering. We will learn together, sing together and grow in caring for one another and understanding our emotions.

To be truthful, we are just thankful to be together and welcome you to join us after some time apart.

Join us in London, Ontario on March 22-23 to be part of a growing and necessary conversation in Canada – a movement that courageously counts the cost to learn to care for the broken, the wandering, the suffering and the hurting.

The influence between emotions and our bodies goes both ways: not only can our emotions call forth physical changes in our bodies, but changes in our physical bodies can have an impact on our emotions. -Alasdair Groves & Winston Smith

Schedule Information

Day 1

9:00 -9:30 Check in

9:30-10:45 Session 1 Nurturing Emotional Wellbeing

10:45-11:15 Refreshments

11:15-12:15 Session 2 Anger

12:15 -1:45 Lunch Offsite

1:45-2:45 Session 3 Shame

2:45-3:00 Small Group Breakout Discussion

3:00- 3:30 Refreshments

3:30-4:45 Singing/Session 4 Depression

4:45-5:30 Q & A Discussion

5:30 Supper/Networking/Free Time

Day 2

8:00-9:00 Gathering and Refreshments

9:00-10:15 Session 5 Emotions in the Family: The Role of Affirmation

10:15-11:00 Refreshments

11:00 -12:00 Session 6 When All Hope Is Lost

12:00-12:30 Q & A Discussion

12:30 Dismissal

Additional Information


  • Other Questions– all questions can be emailed to