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Biblical Counselling Training

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Association Of Biblical Counselors

True North Soul Care is the biblical counselling ministry of West London Alliance Church. TNSC is an approved Biblical Counselling Training Center for the Association of Biblical Counsellors.

Why consider Biblical Counselling training?

  • We all provide counsel to others in everyday relationships (like family, friends, and coworkers).
  • You may have responsibilities that place you into informal counselling settings (like parents, ministry leaders, and church staff).
  • You may more specifically minister through formal counselling settings (like pastors, church counsellors, and counselling team).

Who is this training for?

  • Formal Roles: Biblical Counsellors, Pastors, Church Staff, Missionary Organizations & Staff
  • Informal Roles: Ministry Leaders, Small Group Leaders, Mentors & Coaches
  • Family Roles: Fathers, Mothers, Grandparents

Therefore, TNSC believes that biblical counselling is for every Christian. While we may have different relationships, roles, or responsibilities, we envision singles and married, fathers and mothers, ministry leaders and small group leaders, pastors/staff and elders benefiting from the training to help support the ongoing growth of soul care in the church.

What are the training course options?

  • Level 1 Foundations: ABC Certification or Enrichment (In-Person Only)

The student will develop a philosophy, worldview and theological foundations for biblical counselling. They will learn the gospel hope for heart transformation, the general and specific methods used in sessions, and practical application for the common areas of need (example: anxiety, depression, anger, marriage, and more). In addition, the ABC Certification students will begin to use their training in a mini-practicum with supervision and mentorship.

  • Level 2 Practicum: ABC Certification or Enrichment (In-Person Only)

The student will develop practical training skills in biblical counselling through a diversity of supervised counselling experiences. They will participate in peer counsellor consultation groups to process case studies, develop personalized counselling tools, and pray for one another.  In addition they will deepen their counselling acumen and practical theology to advance their engagement in counselling sessions.

Registration for Fall of 2023

Application deadline is Saturday, July 29

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