True North Soul Care is the Biblical Counselling Ministry of West London Alliance Church

We desire to walk alongside you for a season of life: seeking to compassionately understand your life context, considering your physical and spiritual indications, and discerning counsel from God’s revelation in the Bible.

We are relying on God’s Spirit to bring transforming heart change, and supporting you to live out God's revealed wisdom in shaping new life habits.

Soul Care Distinctives


We do not offer a system or a three step process, but a person, a Redeemer, Jesus Christ.


Through his life, death, and resurrection, and ascension Jesus has forever dealt with our sin and perfectly shown the depths of God’s love for His children. He redeems and restores us back into right relationship with Himself, others, and the world. This Gospel reality – relational and eternal – shapes the change process and is foundational to our approach with our clients.


We interpret the complexity of the human condition through the comprehensive Biblical revelation of God.


We are not reductionistic nor secular in our approach, but rather interpret the complexity of the human condition (body & soul) through the comprehensive Biblical revelation of God. Our care follows Jesus’ example by considering the clients' physical, emotional, and spiritual realities. We provide care according to the insight and direction of the Bible, while utilizing the common grace findings of research and psychology to inform our methods of client care.


God has designed us to be formed and shaped in the context of a caring and consistent community.


God created us to live and thrive in community. Our lasting and vibrant life change does not occur in isolation. God has designed us to be formed and shaped in the context of a caring and consistent community. Therefore, we aim to do everything in connection with the church. This makes us unique to many other models.


God has called us on mission to bring the hope, healing and care of the gospel to practically renew our communities.


Our aim is to provide a level of care that enables those experiencing it to be equipped, and to live on the mission God has called them. We, also, see a great need within our communities for the hope, healing and care of the gospel. We believe the gospel and living by God's design can practically offer wholeness to our communities.

Frequently asked questions

Biblical Counseling is provided through the ministry of WLA Church, there is no charge for the counsellors time in the sessions.

Please bring a one-time “materials cost” of $25 to your first session.

Two forms of payment can be made:

  1. Cash
  2. Cheque.

Please make all cheques out to “WLA Church,” and in the memo line write “Counseling Resources.”

If there are any additional cost for resources, the counsellor will make you aware in advance. The counsellor will be sensitive to any financial restraints, so please discuss your situation in person for any assistance.

Counsellors determine the number of sessions according to your individual needs. Your counsellor will work with you to determine the number of sessions recommended, although your total investment is often not known at the onset of counselling.

  • Core Services– In our core services areas, counselling is a process that considers a complexity of factors. Those conversations will involve more than basic symptom discussion, and provision of three steps to fix your situation. While each person needs are unique, there is a process of understanding you in context, discovering biblical truth to orient and guide you, and practical implementation with God’s help to see real lasting change and growth.
  • Specialized Services– In our specialized service areas, the counselling process is much easier to plan for sessions. The sessions help to process, engage and apply the assessment results.

We typically process all inquiries within 48 hours of receiving the online request. Our counsellors will seek to triage each situation, so please be upfront with the urgency of the need.

However, if you are unable to meet with a counsellor in the timeframe you require, you should contact a physician, a local emergency room or the local police department when necessary and appropriate by dialling 911.

In order to plan for your sessions, the following is a guideline to assist you:

  • Core Services- these sessions involve orientation and regular sessions. These sessions will normal take 1 hr. 15 min. to 1hr 30min.
  • Specialized Services- these sessions involve orientation and counselling/coaching sessions. The orientation is 3o min over a video platform. After the assessment has been completed, there will be 2 x 2 hr. counselling/coaching sessions. (NOTE: a 3rd session may be recommended in some situations, but this would add only an additional 1 hr. session.)

WLA Church does provide biblical counselling, as a ministry of our church at no cost for the counsellors time. In addition, we believe that lasting change and growth is best supported within the community of a local church. Therefore, we believe it is reasonable and wise to ensure you are attending a local church.

While you do not have to be a member of WLA church, we do ask that you either begin or continue attending a local church in your area, throughout your time receiving biblical counselling. If you are not consistently involved in a local church, we welcome you to attend WLA during your counselling.

We request that if you cannot keep an appointment, you notify us at least 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE.

If you need to reschedule an appointment, we will be happy to assist you.

The counsellor has the right to terminate counselling, if there are repeated cancellations, repeated failures to complete homework assignments, or a general lack of participation in the counselling process.

Are you ready for support & help? We look forward to hearing from you.